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Hey yall,

Today ended up being pretty darn productive in the morning. My husband had asked for his half day today because of an eye doctor appointment. Well I had set mine up right after his because there’s no point in going to the same place twice if both people need to be there. Anyways my eyes got worse, which is no surprise. However, my husband is the problem child and his eyes got worse plus apparently he blinked too much during one of the tests. We got a few things from the store that we were in desperate need of as well. This morning was probably the first time in over a week I’ve been with him alone. It was awesome. 

At first I was worried I wasn’t going to get my workout in, because my hubby and I were enjoying the day outside of our apartment. Turns out that wasn’t the case, thankfully. My exercises have stayed the same for chest and shoulders but the reps have decreases. Normally I would be thrilled, except my apartment gym is missing dumbbells. So instead of increasing weight and decreasing reps, I just did more reps for some of them. A few exercises I was able to increase on weight thankfully, which made me happy. My chest and shoulders are already feeling it, so I must’ve improvised pretty good. 

Just a little motivation for myself. 3 years in between the pictures. I’ve had my downs but excited for the future

I decided to get another run in  today. Thinking back on it I realized it may not have been the greatest idea. For one thing, my legs were still tired from leg day yesterday. However, I kept trecking on. I did get in my head quite a bit today, which is bad. I didn’t have enough time to play with Netflix and download a movie or show for my run. It also didn’t help that my plan switched to me running 5 minutes and then walking one. I’m excited about this because it means I’m closer to being able to just run without stopping. If I can get out of my head anyways. But I’m going to keep being positive because what else can I do. Towards the end of my run I was getting better about not being so much in my head. It even got to the point that the last 6 minutes I just ran without walking at the end. I did stop at like the 2 minute mark for a drink. Otherwise I pretty much kicked butt. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be resting from running, but still doing some sort of cardio.

Hope yall had a fantastic Hump day! 


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