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Hey yall, 

I’m not gonna lie I almost didn’t work out because I was enjoying the day off from anything. However, I sucked it up. Partly because I convinced my husband to walk after work,  so I made my workout end about the time he would be done walking. Granted, he surprised me and lifted some too. Anyways, about how today’s workout went. It was exciting because I did a double. 

The first thing I started off with was biceps and triceps. I felt pretty accomplished for this one because I increased my weight on a few exercises. One of the exercises, which was curls,  has me doing 21 reps for each set. I don’t know about how yall feel on that but I consider it a lot. Today I increased my weight on that one though. My biceps feel like jello and hurt already. Another exercises I increased my weight on was the triceps pull down. I do this exercise a little different because I use the lat pull down machine to do it. I’m pretty certain I worried the other girl in there that I had no idea what I was doing. Oh well. I increased my weight and knew what I was doing. 

After lifting arms I decided to go for my run. Today’s run was 45 minutes long, which feels like a huge increase because last week it seemed like I was only going for 20 minutes. Anyways, I still did it and managed to not completely feel like I was dying. The running plan was to for 3 minutes and then walk 1 minute. Sometimes it felt like I needed more than a minute in between. I did start getting in my head and stopping during my running section. So I decided to start counting. I had read somewhere that it can help distract you while you run. It did help for a little bit, but I had to modify it slightly. I would force myself to count for amount of time and then I was allowed to see how much running time was left. It worked for a little while as well. However, when there was about 10 minutes left i made myself finish a song before I was allowed to look. It started getting to the point that if I saw I was getting near the end time, my body would start breathing faster and act like I was dying. I realize this is all in my head, which is why I was finding out this to distract myself with. I think I’m going to need something else as my runs get longer. I know Netflix has a new option for downloading movies offline that I’ll need to look into. 

After running my 45 minutes it was time to do my leg workout. It was wonderful… Kinda. I did increase weight for my legs as well. My leg press weight increased, which always makes me happy. Along with that, my leg curl weight increased. I’m thrilled about that because I always feel like my leg curls are my weakest exercise when it comes to legs. Along with my legs I worked out my abs. They became super sore towards the end. I almost didn’t want to finish them because my body was starting to feel the effects of all the energy that had been used. I managed to finish everything today and work out a little with my hubby. It made my Tuesday night just a little better. 


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