Monday Blues

fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting

Hey yall, 

I’m definitely feeling the Monday tiredness and drag. Sadly I’m quite positive I know the reason why. I had way too much this weekend. Granted this isn’t a bad thing but it also means I don’t get sleep. On Saturday I got up and worked out before work but then after I got the joy of hanging out with my friends. On Saturday we went out to eat and went and looked at Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun to see them all. On Sunday we hung out with our friends some more and made some food. We also went out and saw Dr. Strange. It was a good movie, but made me feel like I was on drugs. The way everything moved in the movie was crazy but it was a good movie. 

Today I worked out my back and abs. I felt a little bit like a did myself a disservice because of how tired I felt during the workout . I know that I still pushed my muscles because I can feel it. However, I still felt like I would’ve been better had I had more energy. Even though I felt like I could’ve been better I still accomplished the workout. My body is feeling this Monday with the lack sleep. My abs felt a burn towards the end but I think it’s time I add weight to the exercises. I want to feel the soreness the next day. I’m glad tomorrow I have off because I need to get in two workouts, since I missed one. It was worth it to have a fun weekend. 

Today I ended up not running because of how exhausted I felt. I try to not push my body to much in hopes that I don’t hurt myself. So instead of running, I ended up walking for 45 minutes of the fat burn setting. I made myself only walk the quickest at a 4mph pace. This worked out great because it makes you do a 6 degree incline at the same time. I didn’t realize just how challenging going at a 6 degree incline and a 4mph pace can be. Mainly I just forgot because I’ve done it in the past. It was still a good workout, just a little easier on my body. Anyways here’s to hoping for a little more lively Tuesday. 

Hope everyone had a great Monday and weekend. 


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