Double or Nothing 


Hey yall, 

I did not work out today. I did manage to get a little walking in but I worked a double shift. In other words I worked 16 hours straight. Yes, I said that and it started at 7:00am and end at 11:00pm. Normally this wouldn’t be too bad except I worked until 11pm last night. I’m running on little sleep and thought it was best to not try to get a workout in. It is pretty interesting to see how much energy I have compared to my coworker. I don’t wanna say it’s because I work out and she doesn’t, but part of me feels like that’s it. But not to worry because tomorrow I am getting up before the butt crack of dawn and working out. We are traveling after I get off work to go hang out with our college friends. So I figured I could sleep on the two hour car ride. It should be fun. 

Closer to the 4 stages of my energy level by the end of my day


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