Lineman Shuffle 

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Hey yall, 

I realize I’m not in football nor have I ever been, but I can still use that terminology. My husband used to (still does once in a while) tell me about the linemen shuffle while he was in football and relieving his glory days. It basically always sound like they just wanted to get out of running, which I’m sure is true. 

My cardio today felt like I was doing the linemen shuffle. I had set the treadmill on the fat burning session. The main reason I did this is because I just felt pudgy today. I don’t know if yall have ever felt that way but today I did. I did 45 minutes of the fat burn setting. It was crazy how even though I only set it for the max speed of 4.5mph, it felt like a challenge. Not like a huge challenge that I couldn’t accomplish but how much it wore my legs out. Part of that might have to do with the fact that it went up to a six percent incline. Strangely enough I started to feel it. But I was going that speed and going between three percent incline and six, for about thirty minutes. 

Today was also leg day. I ended up increasing my weight for different workouts. It was pretty intense. My legs felt like jello after. I did feel pretty accomplished because I increased my weight for things. My buttox is sore already, which is good. Even though my legs were jello I still finished. I also did my abs today again. My abs were sore from yesterday and I feel like I’m getting muscle there. My hanging leg raises I could do all the  reps without stopping. 


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