Gotta Get Outta my Head 

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Hey yall, 

Today for my run my own plan said to run for 20 minutes with a run 3 minutes and walk 1 minute. However, in my head I was thinking that I wasn’t ready for that. It’s not that I haven’t done everything the plan has said to do, but I was just inside my own head. So I decided before I started my run that I could do it. I reminded myself that I’ve completed 5ks and a half marathon, so I could do it. Well that managed to work for me, and I accomplished it. I even ran the last 4 minutes without stopping. I felt pretty accomplished. 

Today I ended up doing two workouts because I didn’t do anything yesterday. Honestly, I think it was good for my body to have a day where it didn’t have to do much. I didn’t have to do work and I didn’t workout. Anyways I worked out my back first. It was awful. My arms were getting tired before anything else, but then my back started to feel it. My back was already tight, but I kept pushing forward. It ended up being a really good workout. I managed to increase my weight for the lat pull down and the the row. I felt pretty accomplished. 

After working out my back I did abs. For my side planks,  I think it’s time to increase my time. It’s starting to get a little easier and not as challenging. However, I didn’t today because of the time crunch. My abs still felt the pain and despised me. But hey I still got them worked and they will hopefully feel it tomorrow. It always feels nice to work those muscles. At least I think so. 

For my second workout I did triceps and biceps. My arms became jello by the end. My biceps were barely making all the reps by the time I got to my last set. I do believe that for the curls that want 21 reps I’ll be able to increase my weight on them. At least this is my goal for next time I workout my biceps. It may by that I only can do that for the first two sets but I’ll take it. At least that means I’m getting muscle and becoming just a little stronger. My triceps didn’t really appreciate being worked on but they still managed to make it to the end. My arms became jello and were useless but I did it. 

Hope yall had a great Wednesday. 


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