Clothing in the Gym

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Hey yall, 

Today while I was trying to workout some worker came in with jeans that had dried pant on it. I mean I’m all for not judging people and what they workout in but jeans? Those would be tough to do some workouts plus it makes it challenging to move. On top of that the paint flasks off and gets on everything. Anyways it made it kind  of interesting to watch. 

Today I ended up running for half an hour. My plan is starting to increase in time, which makes me every so happy. It was fun to go that long. I mean I still ran the 3 minutes and then walked 2 minutes. It felt like the 30 minutes went quicker than they used to. I’m not sure if it’s because I renewed my love for running or because I was doing a run and walk thing. It could be both. Who really blows but I enjoyed my time and that’s what counts. I still ran the last 5 minutes, even though I wasn’t sure I could. Mainly because I had increased my time, so my body was getting a little worn out. 

Today for lifting I had to do shoulders and chest. My chest didn’t appreciate getting worked out today. But it felt good to get those muscles worked. My shoulders hated me today. I’m not sure why the were so quick to get tired today but they were. I was only about half done with my sets before my shoulders just wanted to give up. However, I kept pushing forward. My shoulders hurt like crazy and I felt like i couldn’t lift anything. For my shower it was a struggle because my shoulders were already starting to feel sore from the workout. But at least I know I had a good one. 

Hope everyone had a great Monday! 🙂 


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