Joys of Being Active 

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Hey yall, 

I figured now it is respectable for me to talk about Christmas, since Thanksgiving has passed. It got me thinking about some of the joy I get from working out. For one thing it naturally gives me more energy. I mean it’s crazy to think about how exhausting your body can give you energy, but it’s true. Because of my job I don’t get a lot of sleep, since I’m an early riser and I have an evening shift. Working out helps me out a lot. I mean I do get roughly 8 hours of sleep, but I start waking up about 7ish (sometimes earlier). Another not it brings me is the satisfaction that I just lifted that much weight. Now, I’m not crazy strong by any means but knowing I can do that makes me feel good. Another joy working out brings is the fact I know I’m making my body healthier. Getting into this habit now, and hopefully keeping it when I have kids (which is a long way off), makes me feel good about being a good influence on them. Another joy I get is when people tell me I’ve inspired them to be healthier. Not a lot of people do, because most people I know are healthy. However, once in awhile someone comes along and says that. One last joy I get (there are many more) is that I can do it with my hubby. There are not a lot of physical activities that we both do together. He enjoys playing  softball and basketball with the guys. I, however, do not have great hand eye coordination and it can be a challenge. But those are just a few reasons why I get joy out of working out. 

My hubby added lights for me. He’s the best

Today I did run before my workout. It is leg day so I really didn’t want to run after. I just did my short 15 minutes with the walk two and run three pattern. Except the last five minutes of it I just straight up ran it. My legs felt pretty tired while I was running but I pushed threw it. I knew it was because of my walk from yesterday and doing incline. Plus I ran everything at a one percent incline. They say that’s similar to running outside, and I just figured it gave me some resistance as well. While my legs didn’t appreciate how tired they were, I’m glad I finished my run out strong. 

After running, I did go lift. It was leg day, which is always great fun. My legs didn’t feel quite as jelloey (because that’s a word) during my workout. I’m not sure if it’s because this is the third time I’ve done it or because I ran first. I generally try to run before lifting, especially if it’s leg day, I’m order to warm up a little bit. It is freezing outside, so on my walk to the gym I tend to get cold. Anyways I guess I’ll figure out what the cause is the next time I have leg day. I also worked out my abs. They didn’t seem to feel it as much either, which makes me think my body is starting to get used to it. However, for most of my ab workouts I can add weight, which will help it be more challenging. Don’t get me wrong I still felt the pain but it took longer to get there. 

After doing all of that I walked with my hubby. He had asked me yesterday if I would, and if course I said yes. I’m always willing to walk with anyone, if it is possible for me to have time. I love to walk. It’s relaxing (unless you’re like me and add incline) and not as intense as running. Plus if you are walking outside you get to enjoy nature, and that is always relaxing. I walked with him for about 15 minutes. We enjoyed each other’s company. He said he was sore from when he walked yesterday. I was proud of him for going again and pushing through his own pain. 


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