Active Rest

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Hey yall, 

Today I was rest day from lifting. I did truly do that and not lift anything. I greatly wanted to. It was so hard to not go pick up a dumbbell or something. Anyways so I decided I could at least do cardio. My plan said I was so supposed to do my 15 minute run, but I figured if I’m resting from lifts then I can from running. Especially since the past few days I still did some light jogging. In turn I decided to walk for about 40 minutes. It was really all I had time for because I got distracted with my puppies. 

I mean how can you say no to those eyes. He was in trouble here and knew it. I can’t stay mad at him.

She’s so precious

For my walking, I didn’t just go in there and set the speed. Oh no, I still had to feel like I was doing something. I did set my speed at 15 minute mile, which is a decently quick walk for my little legs.  In turn, I decided to add incline. For the first ten minutes I had it on the two percent incline. After that I increased it to the four percent for the next ten minutes. I then decided to go for it and do the six percent incline for ten minutes. All of this was still walking at the 4mph speed. I then dropped it back down to the four percent incline for about five minutes. My last five minutes were at the two percent incline. It was a good walking workout, and I burned about 400 calories. I felt pretty accomplished for my rest day. 


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