Thanksgiving Day Lifts 

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Hey yall, 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving day. It’s all about being thankful today, even though we really should be thankful everyday. I’m so blessed to be married this year, have a fantastic family, and be blessed with everything God has given me. I have the joy of being able to go home for Christmas, which makes me oh so happy. Plus I’m thankful I got to workout today. 

Just your classic Thanksgiving selfie

I got up early to workout this morning. I almost didn’t because we were traveling today for Thanksgiving. We purposely planned on extra traveling time in case traffic was crazy. It honestly wasn’t too bad all things considered. In the beginning of the workout I ended up doing cardio first. I had been debating on if I really wanted because it was supposed to be rest day from running. So I decided to do the interval program on the treadmill. It was a little brutal because I went at an easy 10 minute pace for the fastest I would go,but didn’t realize that it also included incline. Seems to be the theme for these programs. I kept it up though and did the 20 minutes of intervals. Plus  It actually felt pretty good once I finished. 

Today’s lifts were all about the arms. It worked my biceps and triceps. I feel like my arms are still jello. I kept trying to drink coffee on the car ride and my arms just kept giving out on me. Clearly I had a good workout and for that I’m thankful. My biceps are shot, so it’s a good thing I don’t do the whole crazy black Friday shopping thing. I would need some strength in my arms and I have nothing. 

I had the joy of having Thanksgiving with my hubby’s family. It was a lot of fun and a ton of good food. My parents did the Turkey Trot and worked out after they finished. Hopefully next year I can join them in that race. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is continously thankfully throughout their lives. 


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