Guys, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving 

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Hey yall,

Today while I was working out I realized tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I know that sounds funny and kinda ridiculous but it’s true. I’ve been so caught up in work and starting a new fitness plan that I’ve just been busy. So I haven’t really thought too much about the holidays. I mean I knew it was coming up but it came up quicker than I planned. I’m excited for Thanksgiving,  because I have the joy of spending it with my hubby’s family. 

Today for my workout it was back and abs. It was a challenge but I finished. My workout included a sumo dead lift, my cheat version of chin ups, lat pull downs, rows, reverse bent over grip rows, back extensions, and one armed dumbbell row. I did manage to figure out a way to do back extensions. The first time I thought the machine was going to fall apart. However, I got it so it doesn’t sound crazy. I felt pretty accomplished. 

For abs today I did lying leg lifts, bicycle, some twisty thing, and side planks.  My abs were already sore from the previous workout and today didn’t help. But hey at least I’m working them until it pains me. I also managed to do the fat burning option in the treadmill. I went for the full 30 minutes this time because I planned better. It was pretty fun to do. I slowed down my speed for this, since I kinda knew what to expect. I only set it up to go at a 4.5 mph pace. This worked much better with the 5 degree inclined, plus I could do the whole thing without stopping. 

While today’s workout was fantastic, it was also annoying. Some children with nothing better to do kept coming in and bothering me. I pretty much ignored them but I did tell the apartment manager. I guess they’ve been having problems with them anyways, and this was just one more thing. I get children are on Thanksgiving break and have nothing else to do, but bothering paying apartment renters is not a good thing. But at least everyone has been notified about the problem. 

Hope yall have a wonderful turkey day tomorrow. 


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