Body Image 

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Hey yall, 

Today while I was working out I was talking to my hubby about my goals. One being able to fit into one pair of my jeans comfortably and feel good about it. We got to talking about how I have the body a lot of women want. I’m not saying that to brag, but I was blessed with a classic little Italian woman body. In other words, I have the hour glass figure without trying hard. It can be a curse at the same time because they don’t make pants for my body type, at least none I’m comfortable in. I’m all about being comfy and modest. Plus it can be easy to  gain weight in the areas I don’t really want to. Anyways all that to say that everyone should be happy with their body, and it takes time to accept our bodies as they are. I hope everyone out there is happy and confident with themselves. Any who rant over and on to the rest of my day. 

It was my day off, so glasses and frizzy hair are my thing

Today was shoulders and chest. My abs are sore from yesterday so doing push ups was a challenge. Plus I did Arnold press, incline dumbbell press, dips, dumbbell flyes, seated side lateral raise, and front two dumbbell raise. For the side lateral raise and front dumbbell raise I had to drop weight for the last two sets because my shoulders had it. I believe in doing the exercise correctly, so I got lighter dumbbells and did it correctly. My shoulders still felt it. For a few of the exercises,  I’m going to have to increase the reps because my gym is missing dumbbells (free apartment gym) and I need slightly heavier ones. 

I also ran today. It felt amazing and was a lot of fun. I only did a short 15 minutes. Because I had to restart my plan on my phone, I’m still in the run 3 minutes and walk 2 minutes. However, I ran the last 5 minutes just to see if I could. Generally when increasing distance  I’ll decrease the speed, but I didn’t. I felt accomplished. Plus I’m still struggling with a slight cold (I think, I have some congestion) and I still managed to do it. It is always good to feel like your run was fun and not just something you have to do. 

Hope yall had a great Tuesday. 


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