Sleepy Monday 

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Hey yall, 

Does it ever seem like Mondays are the one day that can drag on forever? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve worked 6 days in a row or that I’ve got my one cold for the year. It could be a combo of both. The one bad part of my job is you can’t really be sick. Like those DayQuil or NightQuil commercials about parents not taking sick days. Anyways I’m ready for my day off tomorrow. I sleep hard through most nights, so I’m not sure why I feel so sleepy. But it probably has something to do with the cold and the weather. 

Today I did work out. My hubby told me only if I felt up for it. It’s not so much that I feel completely like crap, but my head and nose despise me. My husband told me I sounded like a man this morning. It cleared up slowly, plus I drink coffee and I’m positive that helped. Anyways it was leg day today. My legs felt super weak by the end. I was walking like a baby deer. I did the same exercises as last time. They were: squats, dead lift, one legged squats, leg press, calf press, leg curl, and lunges. Everything was 4 sets with 10-12 reps. I always enjoy leg day because it works my strongest muscles in my body. I feel pretty accomplished by the end.

I also had to do abs today. They consisted of 5 sets with 20 reps, except my planks. My planks were just one rep each set but I always held it as long as I could. The other exercises were incline crunches, Russian twist, and hanging leg lifts. About my 4th set I was ready to be done but I dug in and pushed out of me another set. My abs didn’t appreciate it. 

Pretty much how it goes. My dogs are strange

I also jogged for about 15 minutes. I wanted to try the fat burner setting on the treadmill. Mainly out of curiosity and because I can. It has you set your max speed that you want to go and then you go. I set it for the 5mph because I had no idea what to expect and I figured that’s a good slow jog. What really happened was the incline went up to 5 degrees and it had you jogging at the 5 mph speed. Now if I had known it was going to be all crazy on the incline, I probably wouldn’t have had me jogging. I’m comfortable at that speed but at a steep incline for over 20 minutes. No thank you. Someday I might do that but as for today, nope. I did set it for half an hour but only ended up going 15 minutes because my hubby had early lunch. I wanted to see him and today was supposed to be my rest day from running anyways. It was fun, so I guess that’s what counts. 

Hope yall have a great week. 🙂 


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