Rest Days

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Hey yall, 

Today was my rest day from everything. It is always good to rest from working your muscles, but I have a hard time doing that. Even on rest days I want to go out and walk for an hour or more. It’s not just for my benefit either. I would take my puppies as well,  because when I work I only walk them for about half an hour each time I take them out. Probably why they enjoy it when I take them out so much, but it’s starting to become a shorter walk due to the cold. 

However, my hubby kept me occupied by taking me out to lunch today. It was delicious and healthy… At least for the most part. My hubby really wanted calamari and it’s fried. I did eat some,  but I figured if I don’t eat some things that are bad for me I’ll end up binging one day. Everything has to be done in moderation. I did eat some red snapper with shrimp, broccoli, and carrots. It would’ve been pretty healthy except the snapper had a little clam sauce on it. It wasn’t enough to cover the whole fish, but I’m sure there was butter and stuff in there. It was good and I’ll probably get it again. 

My oldest puppy finds it necessary to be up in our space

Felt stylish. Lol no idea if I am but I was comfy

The other reason don’t have time to ruin my rest day with a long walk is I have to work. Originally I had it off but people get sick,  and I don’t mind overtime. My client is adorable and made the shift pretty easy. Yesterday we had lots of fun coloring. She’s autistic but don’t let that ever fool you. She knows what is what but it just might be a challenge for her to explain it. My client smiled close to the whole shift yesterday. It just made my heart melt. I’ve always had a heart for the disabled but working with them makes it that much more real. 


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