Workout Partner

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Hey yall! 

My husband didn’t have to work in the morning, which meant we got to spend the morning together. He was super nice to me and we went to Chick Fil-A for breakfast. I don’t know if yall have ever had their egg white chicken sandwich, but it is amazing. After breakfast, we enjoyed going to the wonderful Walmart. We originally went to get me some more hair product,  because he didn’t believe he would get the right stuff I guess. To be fair they are always changing how it looks. My hubby remembered that I hadn’t been able to find my workout gloves and needed new ones (they were on rollback :o). I honestly have no idea what happened to them but I’m sure now that I got another pair I’ll find them. We also got a Christmas tree topper. It’s an adorable angel, which makes me think of my family because that’s the kind of topper we used. 

He wanted to see how tall he was. Lol

Once we got back from our store adventures, I convinced my hubby to go to the gym with me. It didn’t take much since I work tonight and he wants to see me. He had hurt his hip the previous day from walking somehow, but he decided to workout his shoulders instead. Thankfully he didn’t push that too hard and hurt himself again. There was a few things I wished he wasn’t in the gym with me, because he gets weird and tries to get me motivated to keep going. I don’t mind the support, but what I do mind is interrupting my concentration while I lift. Anyways while he did that I ran. I was going to try for outside, but with the wind it was way to cold. Today I just went for a short 20 minutes but I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t originally planning on running according to my plan, but I like it and enjoy it. 

Post workout selfie

I also lifted just like my hubby. However, it was biceps and triceps today. The first exercise I was shocked on. It was curls with 4 sets but each set had 21 reps. Needless to say I was feeling the workout. I also had to do hammer curls, lying tricep extension, incline curls, close grip bench press, lying triceps press, reverse curl, and triceps extension. All of these exercises had 4 sets with 10-12 reps. I always tried going for the 12 reps if possible. By the end I  could tell my arms didn’t have any muscle left in them. It was good to workout with my hubby, even if he gets weird. I’m pretty certain it’s because he’s got endorphins being released. He went and worked out, which makes him happy whether he relizes it or not. 

She’s just a blanket hog

It was a good Saturday either way. My client told me she had a blast today and was thankful for the activity. Plus I got my new Lularoe leggings in! I love this brand and will be always buying this clothing. So other then freezing with this weather, it has been a good day. Hope yall have a good rest of the weekend. 

You can kinda see my leg muscle, even in my leggings 😀


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