Fabulous Friday 

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Hey yall, 

Today was quite an exciting day. For one thing, I moved crazy slow this morning. It might have to do with finding a workout program that actually challenges me, plus working until 11pm. On top of that my pup managed to knock over my Christmas tree. He was backing up, while trying to play with my other dog and hit it just right. Needless to say the tree got moved. Thankfully no ornaments were on it yet, but still it did do the slow motion fall and about hit the TV. My wonderful father called me twice, which was delightful. We just get to talking….a lot and I’m grateful for that. My morning just went by so quickly. 

This is one of the faces I got after scolding him for knocking the tree down. The picture isn’t from today.

I did workout before work, but that ended up being after lunch. I talked to my dad the first time into about lunch time, so you know I decided to eat. Anyways today was back and abs. For my back I had to skip the hyper extensions because I don’t have access to the equipment. Instead I did straight legged dead lift with dumbbells. The other exercises were sumo dead lift, one arm dumbbell row, lat pull-down, cable row, reverse bent over row, and chin ups. The chin ups I kinda cheated on because I do not have that strength at all. The reverse bent over row would have been much easier to do with a barbell, but I made do with dumbbells. It was great workout, so that’s what matters. 

I didn’t have time for any cardio 😦

I also did abs. My abs officially hate me. They still hurt from two days ago and didn’t appreciate being worked again. Today’s exercises included: incline sit ups, Russian twists, inline crunches, and planks. I had to do 5 sets of 20 reps of all of them, except the plank. My goal was just to hold the plank for a minimum of 30 seconds each time. I was getting short on time so I couldn’t push the plank too much. However after about my second set my abs decided they had had enough. My muscles started giving out on me and I didn’t appreciate it. I realize that’s a good because it means they are getting worked but still. Hey I finished it all, even with the complaining muscles, so go me. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday. 🙂 


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