The Feeling of Pain 

fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting

Hey yall, 

I’m greatly feeling my workout from yesterday. I mean I started feeling it before I even got home from work last night (I work until 11pm), which means I know I did well. My buttox is sore like crazy. I haven’t had it feel that way in awhile. Plus my legs as a whole are sore, which makes me oh so happy. I’m really glad I switched to this work out plan because I feel sore the next day. My other one didn’t ever push me like this one. I have a feeling my legs will be even more sore tomorrow. My abs are crazy sore today and they were last night as well. It hurt to twist around and it does today too. 

Before my husband left he commented on my sing-songy mood and I said it at because I actually felt sore and that I accomplished something, so he was like to go get more sore today. Needless to say I enjoy the feeling of muscles being sore. 

Today was chest, shoulders, and triceps. I’m not sure if triceps were really ment to be worked, but I can tell you they were. My exercises for the day were incline dumbbell press, side lateral raises, front two dumbell raises, push ups, and Arnold dumbbells press. If definitely made my arms feel like jello and I barely finished. So that means I’ll have sore arms tomorrow and my work out went well. It should be interesting tomorrow to see how moving works.

Today I ended up running about 15 minutes on a one percent incline. I was going to run outside but I had a meeting for work in the morning and a meeting later in the afternoon right before I went to work. I ended up starting my plan over unintentionally because of my phone. I use an app and it didn’t transfer over to my new phone. It may have been a good thing I had a short run because of time and my legs were so sore. Plus last week I was a slacker on being consistent, but it’s a new week and I’m going for it. 


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