Hump Day Alternatives

fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting

Hey yall! 

I’m not gonna lie. Yesterday I could have worked out and been productive, but I wasn’t. I greatly enjoyed having tune day off and not doing anything. Should I have probably been productive, heck yes. However, once in awhile having a bum day is nice. 

Today I did work out like a good person. It was leg day, which is always great fun. I started feeling the energy leave my legs pretty quickly after about the first two sets. Today involved squats, lunges, dead lift, leg curl, and calf raises. I pretty much improvised on all of those to fit the equipment I have. My squats were supposed to be with a barbell, but all I have is dumbbells. Nothing against dumbbells, but sometimes it’s easier with a barbell. My lunges stayed the same because that is pretty much done one way. The deadline was supposed to be done with a barbell, but again all I have are dumbells. The leg curls weren’t to different other than they wanted sitting leg curls and I can only do them laying down. The calf raises were supposed to be done in the sitting calf raise machine. Well I could only do something similar to that on the leg press. But hey I still got everything in. 

I also worked out my abs today. In case you couldn’t tell from the exercises I did today, I switched workout plans. Nothing against the other one, I just get bored and then decide to switch. My abs hated me during the workout. I had to do lying leg lifts, air bikes, some twisty thing that I can’t think of the name, and side plank. My abs didn’t appreciate it but I didn’t care. 

I ended up skipping cardio because I had to go get a new phone. Mine decided to start destroying SIM cards. I went through three before I went in to the store and was like what can I do. So I ended up upgrading and now have a phone that won’t eat SIM cards. Go me! I was due for an upgrade in less then a month, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 


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