On a Mission 5k Race

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Hey yall! Hope yall had a great week. 

Yesterday I had the joy of being able to see my hubby. I didn’t workout, since he had the day off. What started out as a typical Walmart run ended up being a little more exciting. Originally we went in there for a few items he needed to make cookies. As usual we got distracted and picked up a few other items we needed. Where it gets a little tricky is that somehow we ended up next to the area with all the Christmas decorations and things. I was going to keep on walking by, except my husband started looking. So we ended up buying a few Christmas decorations. His reasoning for getting them seemed like a good one, at least to me. Most of our Christmas items are hand-me-downs. Don’t get me wrong I love those because of the sentiment and history that goes along with them. However, it is nice to have things that have only belonged to my hubby and me. It ended up with me getting him to get on board with putting the tree up. 

I wanted to get both my dogs but he was the only cooperating to get a treat.

Today was race day! In case you couldn’t tell based off the title. However, I was not prepared that great for the race. Since I only ran that one time last week, I fell behind on my schedule. It wasn’t a huge deal but it would’ve been nice to have been a little further along on my schedule. I endoded up running kinda slow because of my ankle brace trying to fall off at least 5 times. I wore it due to the fact I didn’t want to risk hurting myself. Sadly I realized a few days ago my brace was made for the right ankle, and I need it on my left. I’m estimating but I think I could’ve shave at least a minute off, if I didn’t have to fix my brace all those times. But it was fun to do and that’s what counts. 

The race itself was interesting because of how small it was. The few races I’ve been to have been bigger. I always needed to be there,  at a minimum, of an hour early to find parking and get to the starting line. It was the first time this race has ever been done. I showed up with my supportive hubby about an hour early. We ended up sitting in his car with the heat on. It was freezing in the morning. He stayed with me until I got lined up and then he had to leave for work. He’s always trying to be supportive and stay for my races, which makes him amazing. This race was all about raising money for missionaries around the globe and single moms in the city.

I also worked out today and managed to convince my hubby he wanted to walk. He did walk for about half the time I lifted. Today I worked my arms out and it included: curls, incline dumbbell bench press, dumbbell one arm row, triceps extension with dumbbells, and side lateral raise. It was the same as before where I did 10 reps for each set and I did 5 sets of every exercise. My hubby told me I wasn’t allowed to work out my legs because my ankle was bothering me. 

Apparently I’m in a Frozen theme tonight.

We’ve both decided it’s probably because I have a really tight achilles. He says it’s because I didn’t stretch before hand. However, I generally stretch after because my muscles are warm then. Either way I’ll be stretching it like crazy. I did use the foam roller today on top of stretching. It was painful after the race but I’ll be thankful tomorrow. 


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