Gotta Keep Movin’

goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting

Hey yall, 

Today I almost didn’t workout because I got asked to cover a shift. My goal this week was up catch up on my workouts missed last week. I know it isn’t the same but knowing I finished every week makes me feel better.  I had planned on having a fairly relaxing morning and not being worried about getting a workout done quickly. However, that changed quickly. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad because that means I get to spend the whole day with my amazing hubby plus some friends. 

But I decided to get off my lazy bum and go workout. Today for arms I did dumbbell bench press, shoulder press, wide grip lat pull down, hammer curls, and triceps pull-down. For the pull-down I had to basically use the lat machine and modified it so it worked my mainly my triceps. I can’t really explain how it works in text, but you’ll just have to believe me. My arms are still feeling it from yesterday but I’m determined to press on. 

Once I finished arms, I went ahead and walked for 20 minutes. I made the whole walk at an incline while walking at a 4mph pace. For the steeper incline it made it very challenging. I figured I would take the day off running because I have a 5k race on Saturday. Honestly, I don’t feel that ready for it but it is a run/walk, which will be nice. I’m excited for it because it has been over a year,  since I’ve done any race. It’ll be good to do and get my mindset where it needs to be for my half marathon in March. 

After I got done walking I did legs again.  My exercises were squats, calf raises, leg curl, leg extension, and leg press. I’m thankful that there are only one exercise for squats. When I first got into the squat position I could feel the soreness from the day before. After going down the first time though it got better. My legs were feeling the soreness throughout the whole workout. 

After my workout I drank my protein, which I needed. On top of that I used the foam roller. I hadn’t used it much lately because it hurts like crazy when you use it. However, it was needed a great deal because of the amount of working out I have done. It did help with the soreness and make it seem not as bad. What I was most impressed with is using it on my back. I had always been leery of using it on my back,  because I was worried it would hurt my spine. Turns out, that was not the case. It helped it feel much more loose and not so tight. I didn’t get to my lower back, because that is the tightest spot on my body. I do plan on trying it in my lower back soon. 


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