Rest Day. . . I Think Not 

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Hey yall, 

Normally I use Sundays as my rest day. However today I wanted to get in all of my workouts for the week. Since I didn’t workout in Wednesday, in order to spend some time with my hubby, I decided finish it today. After church, and lunch, I decided to go workout before heading to work 

Today was the joyous time of leg day. My legs are still sore from last time, so it was a little painful. On the plus side, the workout was different then last time. Today I did squats, leg press, leg curl, calf raises, and leg extension. It was the same amount of reps and sets as all week, which is 5 sets for 10 reps each. It was nice to not do all squats like last time. I’ve come to the conclusion I need to wear my ankle brace when doing leg day. Since sometimes I twist my ankle, it ends up causing it pain and to swell. Today it did not swell, at least not as much. My cardio today was walking for 20 minutes on an incline. Sometimes I forget how much when walking on an incline can be. It felt amazing to get all my workouts done for the week. Hopefully this week I won’t have to workout in my dedicated day of rest. 


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