Love is in the Air 

fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting

Hey yall! 

Yesterday I had the joy of being able to see my hubby on my break. Yes,  that meant I didn’t workout but I find spending time with the person you love the most is more important. My hubby and I are the crazy ones that are still deeply in love after dating for four years. Even though this last year was us being married, he’s never stopped dating me. I’ll always be his girlfriend, baby girl, babe, wife, etc. Our love will be one that is rooted in our Christian beliefs. I do truly believe that because of this we will be able to conquer anything. Anyways little rant on how much I love my hubby and my beliefs. 

Today I did workout right after I cleaned my apartment. I didn’t finish cleaning all of my apartment, but enough I feel a little better. Last night when I went to bed I crashed pretty hard, apparently. I ended up sleeping in until 8am, which is late for me. I’m sure all the hours I’ve had these past few weeks is catching up with me. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for my job and the fact I can get a lot of overtime. But I think it has worn me out some. Plus with the training there are tests,  and I’m always wanting to pass the tests they have exceptionally well. My body is slowly figuring out this whole stay up late thing. 

As for today’s workout, it was upper body day. I did dumbbell bench press, shoulder press with dumbbells, lat pull down, hammer curls, and triceps pull down. For the shoulder press I was going to do the lighter dumbbells because I figured I couldn’t do the heavier ones, since you know I have weak shoulders. Well I decided to try to the heavier ones and by golly I did it. I felt super accomplished. 

My run was awesome! I’m still not near where I want to be but I’ve gained my love of running back. I’m not going out to hard or too fast. Since I’m not pushing myself to the point u feel defeated, it has helped me a lot to remember why I loved running in the first place. I love it because I feel free and like I can accomplish anything. It’s my time away from worries. It’s my time to talk to God about everything and enjoy the beauty he created. Granted today I ran inside out of convenience because my wonderful in-laws brought over a new-to-us chair. Apparently it’s really comfy and nice. I would have no idea because my husband sat in it until I left for work. It was good to see my in-laws and catch up for a little bit, even if I had to leave early because of work. 


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