Cardio Monday 

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Hey yall! 

Today my whole family went to the trail near my apartment and we all did some sort of cardio outside. My husband just walked our youngest dog. He enjoyed himself, which is probably because I wasn’t forcing him to run. On top of that, my husband got a walk in before he played golf. My dad did his interval training outside. It was his first time doing it outside, and I’m pretty certain he still prefers inside. I can’t blame him, sometimes it’s way better to do it inside. 

My mom and I ran together, along with my dog. She’s great at one thing and that is pushing me to go further. Today we went almost six miles, and I’ve basically gone four max recently. Plus those four miles were walking with my husband, and no running. She has a way of making you realize you can actually go further than you believe. There were parts that I listened to my own head instead of her encouraging words. However, the parts I listened to her were the times I realized I could do it, if I would get out of my own head. 

New favorite pair of running socks 😀

Today there was no lifting, which might have been a good thing. I enjoyed some quality time with my parents and a little with my hubby. Tomorrow, however, I’ll have to make up for today’s skipping of the weights. It was worth it though. 


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