Fall is my Season 

fitness, goals, hubby, lifting

Hey yall! 

Today I was busy and productive. I cleaned my apartment this morning before I went and worked out. I was tempted to work out first,  but I knew I  would have nothing left to give once I worked out. It was an interesting work out session. That might just be because it was freezing outside and a sauna in the gym. 

Today’s muscle groups including my shoulders, legs, abs, triceps, and chest. It wasn’t about how much weight I could do, but more about the reps. Everything had me doing between sixteen and twenty reps of each exercise. Sometimes I forget just how tiring doing a bunch of reps with light weight can be. It was nice to have the program switch it up. However, I did notice my calf was swollen towards the end of my session. My husband and I have decided my achilles just got really tight. It’s the same leg I sprained my ankle, so who knows what I did this time. 

My new workout water bottle. Thank you, Hy-Vee.

My parents are in town for the weekend. I’m super excited about that. They are not really ones to just sit around and watch TV, which is great. Today we went to the park and talked for awhile, until we decided it was time for food. We found this Hawaiian restaurant and decided to try it out. It was awesome. They greet you at the door and give you a lae. I was shocked to find that type of restaurant where I live. Needless to say, I’m stoked and my husband and I will be back (he’s already decided). With my parents in town, it is easier to enjoy this fall weather. I love this cool weather. 

Coffee is all year round, but you get the picture.


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