Run with Wings

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Hey, hey 

Today I ran outside with both of my puppies. One is barely six months old and runs crazy warm. He is not meant for endurance, unless it’s slow and steady. However, my other one who will be two years old this month (I realize technically she’s not a puppy) was ready to go. She’s gone running with me before and greatly enjoys it. I’ve pretty much got her trained to ignore every one out on the trails, including if they have dogs. Together they did pretty well. My little pup was struggling near the end of the forty minute run. He kept trying his little heart out. 

Yes, the larger one is my six month old. :’)

My run was so much fun with my puppies. In the beginning I kept up with their pace pretty good. However, they were running about three minutes faster than I was normally. Needless to say, everyone got reigned in. When I was going their speed it was like I had wings on my feet. The hair was flying back (as much as it could with a headband and being in a ponytail). It made me feel like I could overcome anything. But most importantly, it reminded me of what it is like to be riding a horse. While everyone calls me a runner, I always consider myself an equestrian first. At the very tail end of my run,  I forced the dogs and myself to sprint. I wasn’t sure I would make it,  but the feeling of conquering everything came back. Running is a metal sport for sure. 

Today was back day for working out. I think I despise working out my back more then my shoulders. It was a little challenging because of the limited equipment. I don’t have any barbells and a few of the workouts required that. So, instead I did the dumbbell version, but the program also included those. My back is sore, so I apparently still managed to get a good workout in. 


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