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Hey yall! 

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted. I had training for my new job these past few days. It was a lot of fun, and the guy teaching it managed to not make it boring. Everyone who works at my job has ti be certified in MANDT, which is a class on building relationships (a little bit of how to restrain clients in case they are going to hurt someone or themselves). 

My past two workouts were over legs, shoulders, chest, abs, and triceps. It kinda stinks sometimes only working out at the apartment gym, because it lacks a lot of equipment. For instance, this week my reps are between six and eight. However, I use the fifteen pound dumbbell for most of the exercises, and I generally do about twelve reps. The next set of dumbbells are the thirty pounds. I like to pretend I’m that strong, but I ain’t. There is no way I can bench two thirty pound dumbbells. Plus I’m supposed to be using a barbell, which would be easier because of the grips this program has me use. While I can manage without the barbell, I need the twenty and twenty five pound dumbbells. One of these days my husband and I will join a country club, so he can play golf and I can use the gym. 

You can’t really see my arm muscle in the picture might promise it is there.

Tonight my husband and I walked two miles with our puppies. They greatly enjoyed themselves and were ready for bed. My pup apparently does not like children. I have no idea why not, but she is something else. 

This picture is from a few weeks ago, but they are cute

Anyways to my title. It just seems that recently the people I’ve talked to feel like they ain’t worth much. It seems sad that people are feeling like they ain’t worth much because of how they get treated. I wish everyone would know they are loved by someone, somewhere. For me, I work out and run. Everyone has to find their own thing that helps when life seems to beat up on them. While it can be hard to face life’s curveball, it helps when there is support around them. Everyone should feel like they are worth something and that they always will. Anyways my little two cents. I would like to clarify that I don’t feel this way, but just the people I’ve been talking to. 


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