Awkward Exercises

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Hey yall! 

I was awful yesterday and didn’t workout. In the middle of the day I had orientation for my first ever full time job! It’s not a great excuse, but I was excited and only focused on that. But now I have all of my training schedule, and I’ll be able to work around that. Plus I will have a consistent schedule now (once training is over), which will never change. It makes for runs and workouts to always be at the same time, which will be fabulous. 

This is what I felt like. Lol

However, today I was in the gym for like two hours. Not all at once thankfully, but still a long time. The first round at the gym a did about five minutes of a warmup with cardio. Then it was off to start working out my weak shoulders. Since I feel like I don’t have strong shoulders, in my head I appear to making the exercises look awkward. Almost as if they are two hard (even though my weight is light in my opinion). No one was in the gym, thankfully, but it just seemed strange. The strangest exercise my plan had me do was mountain climbers. No idea why those are so strange to me, but they are. Along with shoulders, my plan had me work legs and calves. One reason I love this plan is, it doesn’t have me to shoulders with another upper body muscle. The reason I enjoy this is because I feel like shoulders are involved somehow with all upper body lifts, and this gives them a break. 

As for my second round of being at the gym, I went with my hubby. I was probably more excited than I should be, but it has been so long since he has gone with me. He generally just walks while I either run or lift, but it still makes me happy to do it with him. 

The two workouts actually worked well together. For this round I worked my back, traps, and biceps. This plan though, had some leg exercises (felt like it to me anyways) and shoulder ones. I probably rushed this one more than I should have because my husband was ready to eat and left me during my workout. He also took care of our dogs, but I still felt like I needed to hurry. Don’t get me wrong I still felt the burn, but I know I could have been better. Towards the end another guy came in,  and I’m positive he’s the one leaving dumbbells all over the ground. Needless to say I left, but also because I was done. 

There was only two sets of dumbbells on the rack…

Before my second workout i ran for fifteen minutes. I still followed my couch to half marathon plan. So I ran for three minutes and then walked for two. It’s getting way easier, and my body doesn’t seem to hate me. My ankle I sprained still flares up, but not enough to stop me. I don’t know if my body is remembering what it was like when I was a consistent runner,  or if it was just a really good day. Either way, I’ll take the win. 


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