Thinking Day

fitness, goals, hubby, puppy

Today was basically a rest day. I claim all Sundays as rest days. It’s the one day of the week no matter how badly I want to run or lift I will not do it. The only exception is if I’m training for something and I missed a session. It forces me to always take a minimum of one rest day a week, but I aim for two at least. It’s important to reflect on progress and what my goals are, well at least I think so. 

My 5 month old puppy, who’s 55 pounds :’)

However, my husband and I went for a walk around a park near us. It’s gorgeous area that goes around a lake. On this walk we saw a doe that was not worried about my dogs at all. Today was not crazy hot and humid, which made it wonderful. It was so pretty outside. When I get to walk with my husband it is something special to me, because I have this free time where we forget about all the troubles in the world. If we do ponder the troubles, it seems we find a solution for them once in a while on our walks (obviously depending on what we are pondering). 

Today I talked to him about my plans for next year when it comes to running. I had been thinking about it and what my goals are for next year, which I’m going to try to accomplish before I go back to school. 

My goals in order:

  1. Run another half marathon 
  2. Run a full marathon 
  3. Run the 15k/50k Challenge 

Two crazy pups. They get so excited for walks

I’ll be ecstatic if I get the first two done, since that’s a lot of training. I am also going to try to run a few 5ks in between the races and get my husband to join. One of these days I’ll make him a runner. He may not be long distance but that’s ok. 


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