New Years Resolution 

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Hey y’all,

For those that have been following, I disappeared for a long while. I could give you all the excuses in the world. I did manage to workout, even though I never blogged about it. It was nice to take some time off and figure things out.

The Excuses (yes, I realize there are no good ones):

  • newlywed
  • going to move to Wheaton for school but things fell through
  • had to find a new place to live, but in the same city I currently live in
  • trying to figure out school
  • illnesses within the family and me personally
  • LIFE

However, I’m back at it. I really did workout but not to the intensity I wish I would have. A little over two weeks ago I started an intense workout from I seriously love that website, it gives me tips and tricks and replacement exercises if my gym does not have the equipment. It is the best! Plus it gives you the ability to read other people’s experiences and what worked for them. Along with that you can buy to help your workout. Anyways enough about


The workout has me going for four days of lifting and cardio and the other days are active rest. I did end up taking last week off due to a personal injury that hindered my mobility a great deal. While it sucked to take last week off from running and lifting, it was much needed and now I feel energized and ready to go. I still can not go as far as I wish I could on running because of the injury, but I will be there by the end of the week for sure (that would be tomorrow I guesss). The workout I managed to find on (go figure). It is intense but oh so rewarding.


Today was shoulders and triceps, which are my two weakest muscle groups. They have always been my weakest, which is probably because I do not use them that often. It was awful, and I coould barely move my arms at the end. While it was a struggle ot make a protein shake, it was worth it at the same time. The workout had me do 7 different workouts with a variety of different exercises. I always feel crazy week when I have to work my triceps and shoulders and get crazy self-conscious. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere I suppose. On the plus side I look stylin’ in my new running shoes when I workout.

I got probably way more excited then I should have when I got these, but my other shoes were over a year old. Even a novice like me knows that is way to long to have a decent pair of running shoes, especially since I trained and ran a half marathon in them. The guy was crazy friendly and that place will always have my husband and mine’s business. He managed to talk me into two new pair of running socks, which I was informed I would love. They are made to work well on nature trails and pavement, since where I run is both. I am also hoping to run another half-marathon next year and maybe a full if I can convince my husband it is necessary. He is pretty supportive with all my running craziness thankfully. He even works out with me, which is fabulous because it gives us time in the morning together. We workout before work at 6am…never in my life did I think that I could do that or him. Now I prefer it over the afternoon with the exception of running. Personally I would like that later in the afternoon when it is still cool out but the sun is out so I can enjoy nature.

Anyways my husband and I are back on track to working out consistently. It feels good to be back at it, especially with someone I love dearly. I am crazy excited for the rest of this year and what it holds. We are just starting the typical new year’s resolution everyone does every year early. Well…that’s what we are telling ourselves anyways.



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