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Hey, hey,

So yesterday I ran another 5k that was about the same pace/time frame as on Tuesday. I felt pretty accomplished about that. At first I thought it wouldn’t go as well but hey I’ll take it. It was really pretty so I had to take a picture.


Today I went for my long run because I won’t have time tomorrow. It went about as well as could be expected. I was hoping for a little better but considering how long it has been, since I’ve gone 5 miles… It also got much warmer than I anticipated, so I was over dressed. However, I did use my new running belt, which has water bottles. It was helpful but sometimes I thought it made my mouth feel more dry. It could be because the water got warm or I’m over thinking it.


Anyways my run was at a 10 minute pace, which makes sense. Part of my other issue was that my legs were starting to feel it towards the end, which could be because of the heat or all the workouts from earlier or just a combo. Since I ran further I got to see more of the trail, it went my a grill. That’s just torture on so many levels. The place provided some shade over the sidewalk people ran on but still it is food on a bike trail. Another issue I had was my hips bothering me like crazy. Generally I ignore pain in my hips (I broke them freshman year of high school) but it didn’t leave. It could be because of the stair master, which works your hip flexors. On the plus side my pup managed to last the whole 5 miles, and I couldn’t tell she was worn out until the cool down walk.


After running and becoming completely exhausted, I went to the gym to work out. Yeah… Not sure what’s wrong with me. Today was back and biceps. My arms are still sore and weak from the workouts earlier in the week. Needless to say it was an interesting workout. But hey I finished and I still pushed myself.

Once I finished all that crazy working out, we had some friends come over. It’s so satisfying to just hang out and talk with people over food. Even if they can only stay just for dinner, it’s refreshing to just talk to friends about struggles in life. I’m forever thankful for all the ones I’ve made.



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