Excitement on Hump Day

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Hey yall!

Well today was quite a day. I started my morning off with a shoulder workout. You never realize how weak shoulders are until you have a whole day for working them. I don’t know if I just ignore those muscles or what. Although, I saw a guy who looked pretty fit and lean (like you could see each individual muscle on his arms), and he was doing a similar workout with weight I would use. Granted I don’t know if his muscles were already sore or he purposely did light weight. It doesn’t really matter, it made me feel a little better about my weak shoulders.


All by myself in the weight room

I did start my my workout with a five minute warm up to get my blood flowing. I think it helps, especially because I’m not lose in the morning. My muscles are tight and still haven’t woken up. After my workout I did the stair master got twenty five minutes. I was consistent and did the same level for the whole thing. Except there was a two minute window when I increased it by three levels. Yea… I’m not sure what possessed me to do that. However, I finished and felt accomplished. Once I got off my legs were wobbly, which is always fun when going downstairs.


After going to work, which did mean being on my feet the whole time, I decided to go for a run. I know I need to run consistently in order to be ready for the race. So I took a little break and then decided it was time to go again. Once I started walking on the trail, I could feel the tiredness in my legs. In order to not kill them and give them a break I decided to only go 2 miles. I could feel it really when I started running. My dog was wound like crazy. I don’t know if it had something to do with the fact she got to sleep before we went or what.


I did give her a water break towards the middle of the run. It is important to me to never push my dog more than she can handle because that’s not fair. Anyways she splashed herself and then startled herself. Of course she made it worse by jumping around in order to get out. It was pretty entertaining. The second time I think she was starting to learn how to play in the water.


Back to my run. I was going and going and eventually realized I was almost at a mile and a half and had yet to turn around. So I decided to just go the three miles and hope I didn’t kill myself. In the beginning I made sure to watch my pace and not go too fast too soon. Somehow I managed to make it all work out and go my 3.1 miles at a pace I’m crazy happy with. It’s been a long time, since I’ve run this quick and felt good. Eventually, after a little over a mile I quite feeling the exhaustion in my legs and felt like I was flying. Every mile I got a little faster with my third mile being my fastest, which is crazy! It may not be as fast as a lot of people but I’d be happy with this pace for a 50k.


I decided that my speed might have something to do with my new sunglasses. They were cheap thanks to coupons and discounts. I realize that probably has nothing to do with it but it makes me feel better. Along with a new headband to run in.


I get her picture at prefect times


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