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Hey yall!

Just a little FYI I did workout last week but it got crazy busy for me to blog. Sorry, but I have no desire to stay up late to blog. I really need my sleep. Anyways I went to a concert that was so much fun. It was a Cole Swindell concert. I figured I’d see him before it cost an arm and a leg to see him in concert.


Over the weekend I had the chance to go ride a horse. I realize this blog makes me seem like a runner and that’s it. However, I’m an equestrian at heart. It’s just an expensive sport (worse than running, who knew) that l can’t do all the time. One reason is because my home barn is located in my home state, and I haven’t found a barn here. I haven’t tried real hard to find one because it is expensive. Anyways needless to say my legs were not crazy sore. My inner thighs were a little sore and the inside of my knee. The inside of my knee was sore because of bruising from holding on to the saddle.


Today I went for great run. I was a little nervous at first because I had taken three days off and didn’t do my long run. But it went pretty well. I’m the beginning I was feeling like I could fly and went out a little too fast for to long. My first mile felt fantastic needless to say. I barely walked and only stopped when my poor pup needed to go. She tries so hard to not stop and go but it’s cruel to make a dog run and go to the bathroom. When getting into my second mile it was a little slower but probably a little too fast still. It felt good though, however, I was starting to really feel the humidity. My skin was getting gross but I kept on going. Looking at my last mile I shake my head. It was the worse mile out of all of them. Even during my training for the half last year my third mile was the worst. But once I get past that mile I start “leveling” out and becoming consistent. One of these days I will hopefully figure it out. I know my first mile was fast because I just felt amazing but I have to learn to hold that back and be consistent.


My lifting was for chest and triceps. It was crazy intense and my arms/chest have become jello. I was trying to open my ground turkey with that easy peal, and it was a challenge. Getting plates down made my arms shake, so I think it was a good lifting day. While I’m sure I’ll feel the pain tomorrow, I’m glad I can feel the jello now. It means I did well. I almost didn’t go because I still wish my husband would join me, but I sucked it up and went


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