Those Legs Days

fitness, goals, lifting, training

Hey yall!

I did not really do any cardio today. Other than my job (I’m on my feet the whole time walking) and a quick 5 minute warm up before I lifted. It is leg day so I thought I wouldn’t push it. Especially since I woke up with my legs slightly sore. I think part of it is I ran my run and walked a little and then walked almost three miles with my husband.

Today was leg day, in case you couldn’t tell. I started a new workout program, since my husband isn’t lifting with me anymore. It was a gruesome workout. The program had about six different workouts with 5-7 sets of 12-15 reps. So you all can now understand my pain. It felt good though.


I think another reason it was good to take today off was to help my knee muscles. I’m slowly (so, so, so slowly) increasing my mileage. My knee had a little pain yesterday but went away. Then while I was lifting there was a little pain in my thigh on a tendon. My husband thinks the tendons just need to build their strength back up, which is probably very true.


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