Workout Partner

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Hey yall!

Last week I did run and continue to workout. I just had received some crazy exciting news that had me busy from blogging. However, I’m back now.

Today I ran about 3.5 miles. The first two and a half were together and then I walked for about half a mile. The last mile was full of hills. It was great… I’m just kidding. It actually wasn’t that bad and I did not think I was dying. Props to that. I wore my dog out enough she walked next to me. It was amazing.


My husband decided he wanted to walk tonight. So later on we walked for almost 3 miles. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I did use my Garmin Vivoactive so I’m sure it is.

He also used to be my workout partner. Today he informed me that he doesn’t feel comfortable lifting. I guess his joints were hurting, which is probably because we were doing an intense workout. It wasn’t really meant for beginning lifters. But either way he’s done lifting with me. However, he does want to walk and eventually run a mile. Maybe he’ll change his mind. Maybe. It definitely saddens me because it was helpful having that person there to push me.


I guess I’ll figure out a new way. It’s hard for me to keep workout partners. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to get everyone in the gym and they see me not struggling as hard as them. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a terrible gym partner. I would have hoped my husband would have told me that. Here’s to hoping he will join me soon and I don’t have to do this alone… Again (first time was my choice).


One thought on “Workout Partner

  1. Aloha beautiful,

    I just wanted to say: YOU GO GIRL!!! No matter if alone or with a gym partner, keep up the great work. You’ve got this!

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    Aloha from Hawaii

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