The Hill Kills

fitness, goals, hubby, puppy

Hey guys!

I’m just going to start off by saying we didn’t go to the gym because I tried for a solid 5 minutes to get my husband up. He wasn’t budging. I tried and tried and he kept snoring away. So I was like well we can go in the evening. I despise going in the evening like crazy. He does better then, but I can make sure we go if we do it in the morning. Also we eat dinner really late if we go in the evening. Anyways up dragging his butt in there tomorrow.


However, I did go for a run. The trail splits going into two different directions. One side has some serious hills and the other is more level but curvy. So I decided to go the side with hills today because it’s necessary. In my mind I was thinking I can run the same speed as when I run when it is flat. I’m not sure why I was thinking that because it clearly is not true. I’m sure someday way down the road I can make it.  Anyways that put me down a little but I kept trekking along.


So I finished my two tiny miles and was like well let’s go exploring. There is this little nature trail that breaks off and I just figured I would walk down it. I always try to walk a decent amount into a trail I haven’t been on before, so I don’t have any surprises while I’m running. It was a unique little trail that was only about a quarter mile long. At least that’s all the further I went because I got to a railroad bridge and it looked like the trail ended. It was very pretty and hopefully next time I can go further of find another one that goes longer.


Once I finished walking that trail I was like well let’s go another half. I definitely ended up going a mile. However, people were starting to show up and many had bikes. Pretty much every single one that was in a group found it necessary to take up the whole trail. I was like hello I’m right here and have the right to run on the pavement as well. One group almost forced me off the pavement and into the river. Another guy came up behind me but didn’t tell me and I almost punched him. I get violent when startled I guess. Thankfully my hands were busy paying attention to my pup, who gets distracted easily. Anyways I get your in a bike but that doesn’t make you better. I also have a bike but that doesn’t mean I’m always on it. I don’t know if any of yall ever have bicycle issues or not. It just seemed really bad today. But at least I ran an extra mile and enjoyed some sun.



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