Sunny with a High of 75

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Hey yall!

So it wasn’t really 75 degrees it was warmer! Originally it was supposed only be 72 degrees but I’ll take anything at this point. Needless to say it was warm out and gorgeous. I ran 2.5 miles, which seems so small in comparison to what I have to get to. One major factor is I ran in shorts, since it was so much warmer today than normal. Plus there is barely any wind circulation on part of that trail. So under my shorts I wear compression shorts because I have thunder thighs and the chaff bad if I don’t. However, I’m having issues finding ones that don’t roll. I kept stopping to fix them because it bothers me and they make running shorts so short. If anyone has any ideas please share!


I also saw quite a few runners out there and they varied in how “good”  of a runner they were. I guess a better way would be by experience. You know those people you see running and just know that they have years of running under their belt. Anyways it was a little intimidating seeing as I was just running along with my pup. She did seem to do much better today in the beginning, so I think she’s learning. It was fun to watch all the runners, even though I was intimated by them. Mainly because I’m not where I used to be, and I know I just need to focus on the now.


My husband and I were going to go to the gym but he decided to stay up and watch the Royals. I don’t care about baseball but I know it’s important to him. However, I asked if we were still going (before I fell asleep waiting on him to return) and he said yes. Needless to say that didn’t happen because he got back late. So today was a rest day from weights I guess. I think I’m going to step up cardio and half an hour of the stair master plus my running. I need to shock my body like crazy.

~Fitness Addict~


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