Leg Day and Long Run

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Hey yall!

Today was leg day! I was so excited… I’m completely kidding. I did want to make sure to do leg day because I feel like I have lost some of my muscles in my legs. One main reason is I can’t see the definition of my leg muscles anymore, and I was very proud that you could see them. Even though there was only 4 different exercises, it was brutel. I mean if it’s 4 sets with the last 2 being drop sets, anyone would feel it. Your max reps were ten and then the drop sets were ten and then twenty.


I also made up the workout from yesterday, which was chest. It would have been very helpful it I had my husband because I did not really know any of the exercises. So in turn I did things I did know how to do. I still did something at least, even if I was clueless.

Today I was supposed to run my long run. However, right after I did legs/chest I turned around and went straight to work. It was great fun being on my legs for 6 straight hours after that. So my husband and I went out to the trail in order for me to get my long run in. Well my pup started getting tired about 2ish miles. Originally I was going to run 4 but I felt like that would be pushing it and that I wasn’t ready. It could have just been me thinking to much or I really wasn’t ready. I tend to over think these things. So I ended up only going 2.25 miles and then walked with my husband. It was worth it because we hardly get to walk together anymore.


I also have started using my husband’s foam roller. I am quite positive I use it more than him and it was his gift. Anyways it is fantastic! It makes me want to cry when I’m using it but the benefits are awesome. I’m still sore but not near as bad as I would be.


Also if anyone has any ideas on how to get your dog to not pull every time she sees an animal, that would be great. Generally she’s not so bad but there are times it gets bad. Along with that she will pull and try to go full speed ahead as soon as we start running. Obviously that’s not a great idea because we need to last. She loves to run, which is why I want to keep taking her but she is starting to give me bruises because of the leash being yanked (I also just bruise easily). Thanks. 🙂

~Fitness Addict~


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