Running with the Crazies

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Hey yall!

Today I only ran again because my husband and I were going to go to the gym after he got off work. However, he got home about an hour later than normal, so that plan did not work. He claims he does his workouts best in the afternoon/evening. I think it’s just because he isn’t used to getting up early. Anyways we are both going tomorrow at different times. It kinda sucks that we won’t be together but at least we both go. So I ran my two miles in 19 minutes flat! I realize that’s not super fast but considering I’m still trying to get back to it… After I finished the 2 miles I decided to go to the end, which added another half a mile. I didn’t try for that half mile on time but it was kinda like a cool down. My real cool down was a nice 2 mile walk where I ran up the hills but walked everything else. I’m crazy thankful for my husband who sends me little texts that help keep me going.


Now before my pup and I ever got started with our run, some guy decided he needed to pet her. One major thing about my dog: she is not a fan of males. We did some research and apparently it is the terrior in her. Along with the she is mixed with German Shepherd. Many German Shepherd dogs are really cautious of other people and remain super loyal to the owner. When my husband and I first got her she had never really been socialized (we adopted her), but she had become much better. Not only were we on a bridge she did not really like, but the guy came straight at her with his hand out. I kept trying to back her away but he kept coming at us. Eventually, she raised her hackles at him and he then seemed to become more determined. He did get her but at one point and finally left us alone. It was weird and not appreciated.


~Fitness Addict~


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