Too Hot

goals, puppy, training

Hey yall!

I’m sure your wondering why I would say “too hot,” if spring has come. When spring comes, so does amazing weather. I did go run outside today for 2 miles. However, when I left there was a really cold wind that I thought I would need a light long sleeve shirt for. I was incorrect. Very, very incorrect. Apparently because of where the trail is located the wind only touched certain areas on it. So the sun was shining and I was making my body work plus I had long sleeves that are black. Needless to say I got to hot while running but that’s OK. It was a decent run with stops for crazy deer that are out and a dog who had to go. She’s so cute and tries hard to hold it but when you gotta go, you just gotta go. I wore her out since it was warm on the trail and increased the mileage. I did not lift because of work and school, which left me no time if I wanted to get some more reading done. But I can go Saturday before work thankfully.


~Fitness Addict~


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