Wacky Wednesday

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Hey yall!

So this morning I literally forced my husband out of bed to go to the gym. He went grudgingly and gave me crap for awhile. However, he eventually and reluctantly admitted he was thankful.


This is what I was like this morning

Today was triceps and shoulders. It was awful. My biceps and back are still sore and just got more sore. My triceps don’t feel as bad as my shoulders, so I don’t know exactly what that means for my workout. However, I know my triceps became jello towards the end. My shoulders got so weak that any little amount of weight made then hurt. It was intense, good but intense. My husband pushed himself harder than yesterday but not to the point he hurt himself. I’m always worried he will go back to lifting like when he was in football. It has been years since he has been in football. Anyways I’m just so proud he got up and put forth an effort. I did a really short half mile run today. It rained all day… I don’t mean a little rain but straight up thunderstorm.


My wonderful hubby brought up a really good point with me today. He said I should stop worrying about the number on the scale and just my progress. It makes perfect sense but,  since I feel like I’ve failed him and myself it is more of a challenging. By letting my fitness slack for a few months and just now getting back to it, I feel like I have to get back to that number. However, I know he’s right and the number will show if I just aim for good progress and base it off of that. I’m thinking I’ll start going for fat percentage instead of weight (I’m very goal orientated) and see where that takes me.


~Fitness Addict~


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