Spring Time

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Hey yall!

Today my husband and I worked out in the morning. It wasn’t super early because he had a half day. It was back and biceps day. Whoop! It was intense and crazy. My biceps were already feeling it after two workouts. I realize this is a good thing but seriously. Along with the weights I did twenty minutes on the stair master and my husband shot hoops. I feel bad because my husband couldn’t go as far as he wanted. What I mean by that is the workout required 4 sets with the first two being normal and the last two being drop sets. Do you understand my pain now?


This was me trying to make my protein shake

I’m happy he could at least get three sets in. Each set required only 10 reps until you got to the drop set and then it changed. He tried so hard and for that I’m so proud of him. I know the harder and longer he goes at this he will reach his goal. I just wish he could see it himself.


My calluses just keep growing. I have gloves at my parents house apparently

I also went for a run outside. I mean when it is 68+ degrees outside, you just have to go out. I only went a short mile and a half because I still have crap in my chest and I don’t want to make it worse. Plus I’m trying to work my pup back into long distance along with me. She still seems to have way more energy than me. Oh well.


Another factor with today was there were hills. I know hills are good for you but I just was not expecting them. I mean there was one that just kept going and going and then leveled off. It didn’t go downhill to make my life better but slightly leveled off and then continued going up hill.


At the end of the day we went shopping for new running pants for me. Mine are old and falling apart. I was just hoping to wait a little longer until I lost more weight. Oh well, maybe it’ll help inspire me. I also was trying to find sports sunglasses, a running belt, and some energy chews.  All I found were pants but at least they won’t be falling apart anymore.


Finally got cute pants

~Fitness Addict~


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