Those Goals Though

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Hey yall!

Today was one crazy day. It started off with my husband changing the alarm setter to being me, and me not actually setting an alarm that early. Yes, sadly I forgot to set it, since I was so used to him always setting it.


Anyways, no matter the crazy morning I managed to make it to the gym. Even though, I made my it, my husband sadly did not. It makes me sad to think that he did not make it. I wanted to go on this journey together. It was something I hoped I could get him to join me on. He said he enjoyed doing it with me, but does not seem quite as committed. I know it has to be his decision to actually stick with it. I can always hope and dream that he’ll get committed.

Today’s workout was shoulders. It was crazy because it was making everything burn. My biceps are more sore today then they were on monday. It was an insane workout. I had to do many different shoulder workouts and needless to say I do not have strong shoulders. I also did the stair master at the end of my workout again. Seriously, for something that seems so simple it gets your heart rate up. While I was nearing the end of the stair master, I noticed two old ladies on the bikes. I then watched them go to every single machine and do it. I think it has something to do with them being new to the gym.


My goals are slowly coming together. I sat down yesterday and made a new training plan for my runs. This week that has failed miserably and it is my own fault, but I’ll figure it out eventually. I was thinking about all my goals and how this week is the first one week i really started going for it. My goal is to officially drop another 20 pounds but my husband thinks I’ll only get another 15. He does not say this to be mean but because of my body type. I’m not built to be skinny. I’m built like the “ideal” woman. You know the skinny waist, giant hip, and bustier top. It looks like the Jessica Rabbit off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


In case you didn't know what she looks like

Anyways I’m still going to hope for my goal.

~Fitness Addict~


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