Well by Golly

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Hey yall!

So I did workout today, even though my husband slept through his alarm or forgot to set it or whatever the excuse was. To be fair he was exhausted, and the important thing is I still went to the gym. Now, this is a new gym and I was terrified to go by myself. I have never seen any other ladies there. But by golly (get it? 😉 ) I went by myself and conquered that fear.


I made a giant motivation wall in our bedroom with our goals right next to it. Plus last week I dropped some weight, so I was determined to keep it going. I mean I worked out once last week and lost a tiny little bit. So if I stick with it and work out every day, I could make major steps in my goal. Especially, since I finally conquered my fear. I also have watched my eating habits to a whole new level. My husband might start going a little crazy but I’m helping him out right?


Today was back and biceps day. We started our program over because we have been slackers. But with the little progress I made I have become determined. My back will be sore tomorrow I’m sure. It never really seems to hit until the next or really bad the second day. My biceps got crazy jelly along the way. It was a little strange because I went to do curls and every guy in the weight room decided to go do curls. Not at the same time but as soon as one finished there set another one started. Super awkward.


I also started doing the stair master. I have no idea on how many floors and in what time is considered a good goal. However, it still kills me and it is much harder than it looks. Also everyone looks at you like your crazy. Plus I had guys then go and lift weights behind me.. I realize I’m overly paranoid but hey its who I am.

~Fitness Addict~


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