Testing Tuesday

family, fitness, goals, hubby, lifting, training

Hey yall!

Today my husband and I started our new weight lifting program. We could not on monday because I went from work straight to school and then the gym was closed. It technically is a workout that is twice a day, but we did it all at once.


Today was back, biceps, and abs. It was crazy intense. Everything was only three sets but two of those sets were drop sets. I’m going to be sore tomorrow I have no doubt. I managed to lose some of my calluses with the not being consistent for working out. So my hands hurt and will be getting calluses back. My biceps are like jello at the end of my workout.


But most of all I am proud of my hubby for pushing himself. He has tried for awhile to lose weight and get healthy. However, he’s never been consistent and gets discouraged easily. I’m so proud of him though because he pushed himself and went at it. The only time he said no was when he hit failure, which was acceptable. He also said he enjoyed doing the same workout as me, which is probably because we can push each other.


~Fitness Addict~


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