Hey Look it is Tuesday

fitness, goals, lifting, training

Hey yall!

So this morning my husband and I got up early (like before sunrise) and headed to the gym. He was not feeling well so he didn’t lift. However, he stayed with me while I lifted. It was a good thing he did because there were a few that I did not know how to do. He also helped for my last few reps for a triceps pull down. My muscles are jello and it feels amazing.

I worked my chest, triceps, and calves. My arms are completely jello, which made work a challenge. It will be an interesting workout that’s for sure. I also did the stair stepper for the first time ever. Yea… That’s a workout in itself. I was going to run but it’s thundering outside and we had to go drop a car off before my husband and I went to sign.


~Fitness Addict~


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