Outside! Outside!

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Hey yall!

Yesterday I was a slacker and didn’t lift weights. It war gorgeous outside and I couldn’t stay in that long. I also ran outside and it was fantastic!

I haven’t run outside in ages, which also meant I wore my dog out. Let me tell you that’s a challenge to do that puppy is full of energy. Anyways my run went well, even though she pushed me quicker in the beginning than I planned. I also had all the elderly people try to talk to me as I was trying to run. Some had dogs and others didn’t. But all I’m saying is that if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs maybe muzzle it or put the yellow flag on its leash.

Today I did actually work out. It was arms and abs day. My abs hate me but mainly my arms hate me. I used the 20 pound dumbell for pretty much everything. I was nervous to take it off the rack because that’s where the guys always get their dumbells. It’s only 20 pounds and above. Anyways on another great note, I got to run outside again. My pace was more consistent this time. My pup was a little more worn out today. It was so much fun and I’ve missed it immensely. When winter really comes I’m going to be sad but happy because it means I’ll probably be married.


~Fitness Addict~


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