I’m A Slacker

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Hey yall,

So I was a slacker last week for lifting. Between the crazy insane schedule of black Friday and working thanksgiving, everything went a little crazy. I did manage to get some runs in though. It really stinks when you have to work thanksgiving.

As for working out earlier this week it didn’t happen either. I only had a chance to run. It went alright all things considered. Monday I didn’t do anything because my fiance and I ended up doing errands. Managed to get our marriage license application notarized, so go us!

Today I did workout and I ran. My run went really well even though some older, larger guy with way to much cologne decided to join me. That made it a little strange and awkward but I got through. The only bad part about having someone in there with me is, I’m pretty certain they thought I was dying. I did intervals for half an hour. Generally when I go half an hour for intervals I tend to be sweating profusely and I’m breathing hard. I mean that’s part of working out and doing something but still when people can hear you, it’s awkward.


My weight lifting has increased to six days a week. I’ll be having a few double days this week. Oh well, tough life. It was back day today, which I was not to impressed with. My back is crazy sore from who knows what and then I worked it today. There was one guy who gave me judging looks the whole time I used the hyperextension. I already just got over the fear of using that.

~Fitness Addict~


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