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Hey yall!

So today I almost didn’t go workout. I really wanted to finish reorganizing my kitchen because it desperately needed done. My fiance and are so blessed with what everyone has given us for our marriage. By the way it is only 37 days away! Hazzah! I’ll probably have to rearrange again after the wedding but maybe not because I have a tiny bit of extra space. My reorganization took me about 4 hours, but now think about how small apartment kitchens are. I’m a slight neat freak.


Anyways back to my workout. Today was legs… Again. I feel like it’s all I do anymore but it’s my fault for doing a double workout in order to finish school work. My legs have not quite recovered from my last leg day so hopefully I can walk for school tomorrow. I mean I do have 3 flights of stairs to go up. I’ve also decided it does not matter how in shape you are those stairs will kill you. I mean the people not in shape it really kills and the rest of us are just like why. But overall my leg workout went well even though it hurts to just walk still…

For my cardio I did a 5k of course. It went well considering the place smelled like paint. I opened the window for that one. It got better as I kept going. I’m not sure if that means I got used to the smell or the window actually helped. It doesn’t really matter because it went away anyways


~Fitness Addict~


One thought on “Productive

  1. Oh my days I know how you feel about leg day! I’m in love with lifting at the moment (got a post coming up on it today) but my running coach keeps telling me it’s really gonna counterbalance my running. To be honest I know he’s right but I don’t care. I trained legs on Saturday evening, then did a long run on Sunday, and Monday was fulllll of DOMS. Got a run tonight though so somehow gotta figure them out…can you eat for DOMS?! Chocolate milk for the win!

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