Double or Nothing

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Hey yall!

Sorry about such long delays between post. Work has my scheduled many hours these next few weeks. On top of that school has added a bunch of homework and nonsense. I wanted to make sure I had that I had homework done ahead of time with it being thanksgiving next week. T


he picture has nothing to do with anything. I just find it funny.

Yesterday I managed to get a run in with my fiance. It’s been crazy how long it’s been since we’ve worked out together. Sadly, he did not see my best run but oh well. I ran a 5k because I was planning on doing legs. My program has 2 days for leg day. That just seems like nonsense. Oh well. However, I did not make it the gym because my fiance showed up later than planned. Along those lines, I had a lot of homework that needed done



Today for my workout I ran another 5k because I really did leg day. It was awful my legs feel like jello and I barely got walked out of the gym. Then of course going up and down stairs was just crazy nonsense. Originally I was not sure I did a whole lot but once I stopped I was like oh crap. It was crazy how once I stopped I just felt it. It was my second leg day for the well, and my last one the soreness lasted forever. No exaggeration at



My other workout for the day was shoulders and abs. I have such weak shoulders. I guess it does make sense you won’t use as much weight for shoulders. Especially after I just worked my legs with a bunch of weight. My shoulders are going to be sore for sure tomorrow. It went well for my abs as well. My program has me do about three different ab workouts. Whatever it is, it seems to work because by the end of the third exercise in feeling th


e burn.

~Fitness Addict~


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