Who Did This

fitness, goals, lifting, training

Hey yall!

Last week I ended on a crazy busy note and ended up not getting my workout in. I also needed some sleep, and I was lacking in unary area a great deal. However, I’m not letting that stop me or my progress at this point.

Today I worked out at 7:30 with my new r workout buddy. I pretty much ran while she lifted though. I think next time I’ll just run before I meet up with her, so we can kinda do something together. But I ran my best 5k, since before my half marathon training started. Go me!


It may not be super fast but hey all is good. Progress is progress. I’m still pleased with it and feel good.

It was leg day and Monday. I mean who does that to themselves. That’s right, me. I’m not sure what’s up with that but oh well. It was tough and I will be feeling it  especially since I have work after my workout. It had me do barbell squats but the machine my school has is self spotting and I’ve never used one like that.

~Fitness Addict~


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